Everything’s so wrong atm. I cant go to the Biffy gig. I was SO excited about it, bought my ticket last month and everything. I cant stop crying srsly, im so sad.

I dont want to live these days. Everything’s so wrong.



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I dont think i’ll update anytime soon since im emotionally damaged and feels like it’s going to take some time and treatmeant to heal myself.

I hope tal doing great tho 😊

Just realised my credit card is dead and idk if im gon be able to buy the bus tickets to go to biffy clyro gig

so i may be NOT going atm. I’ll cry bye 

Title: Don't cry for me argentina
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damon singing “don’t cry for me argentina” at the end of tender

november 2, argentina

I was there but… I DONT REMEMBER THIS. 

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It’s finally spring hereeee :))) yaaayy 

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It’s 3am and im still playing Counter Strike. 

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Im pretty obsessed with FTP lately. Srsly. 

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Teach your daughters that their effort is as valued as men’s. That they dont need to show boobs and bum. So in the 50 years there will be no Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez or Iggy Azalea. 

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